Busy week


I want to thank you all for your patience and understanding this past week. It has been long.

I woke up this morning to snow falling. Now it is typical for that to happen here in Missouri this time of year but with the winter we have had, I was still surprised.

matthews-truckDerick and I went to Branson last weekend to celebrate out 10th anniversary. I thought that I would be able catch up with you all on Monday.But no. It was busy. Matthew over the weekend got in an accident in his truck. He’s ok but not his truck he only bought a couple of months ago. He was on his way home from his welding school and came around the corner to find a smaller truck stopped in the road. (the roads here in town are small, narrow, hilly and windy) by the time he reacted his brakes locked up on him and he slammed right into the back of the truck. It was a much smaller truck he hit but it must have had the biggest and baddest hitch ever! Matthew hit it straight on and it looked like he wrapped his truck around it! He had to have the truck towed home on a flat bed. His radiator needs to be replaced. He was out there with a grinder pulling the front bumper off of it today. My poor guy. I feel bad for him, but he has come home from the Navy and this is what life is about now.


We also had the birth of grand daughter #3!!!! Abigael (I call her Abbey Road) her mom abigael(Shawna) and I are huge Beatles fans. Shawna has been suffering from Preeclampsia so they chose to induce her a couple of weeks early. They are in Italy as my son in law is in the Air Force. Unfortunately he is deployed so he was not able to be there. So Shawna and I spent most of the time on Facebook Messenger during her day and a half long delivery. We are very happy to have Abigael as part of our family and look forward to meeting her in a few months when they transfer back home to the states. (where all of my family belongs)


Becca, my middle one is almost 22 and signed the lease on her first very own apartment today. So she is moving out in a few days. I am happy for her and so proud of how much she has grown, however…. I have seen her struggle in the past and want to keep her here at home forever. I wish I could do that. Instead, I will just be happy for her and be glad she isn’t moving far away. Only 1 town over. I’m even going to miss her cat.


So now, after all of that, it’s time to settle back down and get into the swing of things here. I think I am going to be moving a few things around and actually come up with a recipe index to make things a little easier to follow. So pardon my dust while I get that going here. Shouldn’t be more than just a couple of days tops!

Boy, I sure have missed talking to y’all.j I hope you have all been well.

Have a great one!




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