What’s In Your Pantry?


I wanted to take some time to discuss cooking and what you an do to make it easier on you. How to make it a little bit more of a “no brainer”

Whether you are cooking for 1, 2 or an entire brood it can be difficult and stressful just trying to come up with something so I wanted to share some of my ideas and habits with you.

For me, as I am on a budget, I can not go out all the time and just decided I want to make this or that and run to get what I need. So one of the most important things I can tell you (at least for me) is when ever I go to the store, I look at the meats. Sometimes the meat section has meats that are on sale. This is usually because the use or freeze by date is near. This doesn’t bother me. If I can find a good sized pack of meat that is going to cost me 50% or more less, I am on it! After all, it’s just going to go into my freezer anyway.

**I will not however purchase any meat that appears to have a lower price because the packaging was broken. I don’t want anything that has been exposed to who knows what**

After a while of doing this have had so much meat that I didn’t know what to do with it all! And to me, that is a great thing since we are talking about the most expensive part of a meal.

More importantly though is what to do with your meat once you have it. And believe it or not, your pantry ingredients, the same ones can be turned into so many varieties of foods and tastes. So for me I try to keep on hand the things that make my life easier and allow me to get my brain going. (My husbands favorite thing is when I want to cook and start thinking. I come up with some of our families favorite things this way)

So in my pantry here are some of the things that I always keep on hand….


Spices & Herbs etc:

garlic powder
onion powder
chili powder
chicken and beef bullion
red pepper flakes
lemon pepper
chipotle powder
Italian herb blend
bay leaves
canola oil
olive oil
white vinegar
red wine vinegar
apple cider vinegar

Dried Goods:

granulated sugar
brown sugar
powdered sugar
baking soda
baking powder
jasmine rice
brown rice
various pastas
dried beans

Canned Goods:

various beans
tomato sauce
tomato puree
canned chicken
black olives
green beans
beef broth
chicken broth
peanut butter


various cheeses
soy sauce

I’m telling you. If you keep these on hand, your life in the kitchen will be much simpler. You will be set to throw something easy together and have the tools already on hand to go for something more extravagant.

Have a great day!!!




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4 thoughts on “What’s In Your Pantry?

    1. HAHAHA!!!! I am like that with dill. I love it and use it so much. I am bad about checking before I go to the store and I don’t want to end up without it. I think I have 4 jars currently.


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