Just a Few Random Thoughts


I have recently discovered sushi… I don’t like much sea food so I stay away from it, but I never realized until lately that there is sushi without fish!!! So I am no in love with my So Cool Roll (avocado, cream cheese and cucumber wrapped in seaweed) and the get this… DEEP FRIED!!! How awesome is that?!?!?


I may need help…..

It occurred to me today while I was making breakfast that I talk to my food! I was talking to the halved creamer potatoes as I put them on the skillet to brown. Telling each of them where they belonged. If the bacon splattered I was talking to it telling it so settle down and just work with me. Even just cracking the eggs I was talking to them. My family tells me I do this often. I may need help……..

Today is a beautiful day here in Southwest Missouri. It’s mid February and nearly 80°. Unheard of! So today is an outside sort of day. I have the lawn chairs up and the birds and squirrels are all waiting for me to watch. Tonight I will be getting the fire pit going and maybe some s’mores.

I hope you are having beautiful weather too.



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