Baby… It’s Cold Outside but Cozy Inside

I have a few moments and wanted to just wanted to check in and see how ya’ll are doing!

Things are pretty good here. A bit cold. It’s currently 35° here and the wind is howling. But it’s cozy inside and that’s what counts. This California girl has not been able to get used to the Missouri winter and I don’t think I ever will. I love that it snows but I get so tired of it in the winter. This year hasn’t been too bad though. 1 ice storm and maybe 2 light snows… That’s it so far (fingers crossed) Some winters I just feel like I am living in a freezer and I really don’t like it.

Today is pretty mellow here. The Matthew and Becca are watching tv in the living room. Becca will be moving out in about a month and Matthew isn’t far behind her. He starts school next week and is looking at moving in with a friend of his once his friend graduates high school. I thought that Matthew going off to the Navy he would lose touch with his friends but since he’s been back they picked up right where they left off. He has with his sisters as well. It does a moms heart good to just sit back and watch them all hang out, laugh and joke with each other.

Faith is in here room studying for her psych test. Matthew got bored and hungry. For a 19 year old boy this can sometimes be disastrous but I’m pretty proud of my guy. He went through my cabinets and found some chocolate cake mix, chocolate frosting and strawberry pie filling that I usually use for breakfast crepes. He made us cake for tonight using the pie filling between the 2 cake layers.

I recently bought a large dutch oven. I love cast iron. So since it’s so chilly outside I have a big pot of beef stew on the stove doing it’s thing! I am sooooo looking forward to tonight. Everyone is home, or will be shortly once Derick gets home from work. It’s cold outside, dinner is cooking, the house smells amazing. Even my grumpy ol Starr Kitty is running around playing. I have music playing. I love my spotify. It’s the only music app I have every paid for. And will continue too.

Time to check on the stew and do the last little bit of cleaning in the kitchen. I’ll be posting pics and recipe for the beef stew later.

Hope you are all having a nice of a day as me.




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