What Superbowl is Complete Without Wings

This has been such a crazy few days. I have been redecorating my kitchen. Buying a lot of new items. Just having fun. But when you throw in a sick son who although he has recently come home from the Navy he’s a bit of a baby. (I don’t mind. He is my only son after all in a sea of 4 daughters)

Faiths car has been out of commission for a few days and getting her to the college campus and to her 2 jobs has been a bit of a chore.

Becca just got approved for her first apartment all by herself so while she had 3 days off we had a little mother daughter time. She’s 21 and has lived away from home but she has been back with us for about 2 years or so. Now she is all grown up. Has a real job and has really matured. I think she’s ready this time.

The weekend is finally winding down, cars are working and kids (I say kids even though the youngest is in college) are all happy for the moment. But as any parent knows that doesn’t last.

Today was Superbowl Sunday. It’s wound down now the food is mostly gone and my kitchen is almost back to normal.  Everyone is asleep now except me. I almost never sleep until the wee hours of the morning. But I am here in my room. Derick is sleeping next to me. And I wanted to finally share my Superbowl food with you.

I didn’t make the carne asada I was planning on. All the wings and meatballs and chips and salsa were plenty. I did have a pot of refried been in the slow cooker though. Faith is a vegetarian so I wanted to make sure she had a nice filling staple after work.

Derick has been asking for some time for Swedish Meatballs so I made him some today. This was our first course of football food. I had this while we watched the kitten bowl programs before the big game. They were amazing!!! I always forget how much I love them. The sour cream just make the sauce. Not all sauces recipes you find online have sour cream but rest assured, mine is loaded!  You can find my Swedish Meatball recipe here.

We had chips and salsa too. I love spicy salsa but I don’t like chunks and I found a few years ago a recipe that is my go to now. It’s not mine but OMG!!! I may never made another one again. This is the Pioneer Woman Restaurant Style Salsa recipe that I can’t live without anymore. You have to try it.

Once the game had started I got the wings ready. I made the sauces the day before so I just pulled them out of the fridge and had them ready to go. The wings are all prepared the same. Just with a different sauce.

While a lot of folks like to bake their wings, I just don’t like the texture of the skin so I only throw my wings in the oven once I have the sauce on to give the sauce a kick of warmth and a little bit of color.

I deep fry mine. It’s pretty simple. I made 3, 3 pound bags of wings today. Each bag in my fryer is 2 batches. You don’t want to put too much in at one time. It can cause the oil to over flow and hot oil everywhere well, that’s just not good. Here is a good resource on How To Deep Fry Chicken Wings.

Once I had my wings fried I put them into bowls and poured on either my Teriyaki Chicken Wing Sauce, my Margarita Chicken Wing Sauce or my Tropical Chicken Wing Sauce to coat well. then put them on parchment paper lined baking sheets with baking racks on top and put them in a 425 F oven for 5 minutes. They all came out great. I can’t wait to have you try them. Let me know how you like them.


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