Are you ready for some football (and wings)?

With the Super Bowl fast approaching one thing on a lot of minds is what to cook. I know it’s on my mind. No matter what team you are rooting for or how many fans you will be hosting one things for sure…. Food is almost as important as the game itself.
Derick and I have been talking for days about what he wants. And since it looks like it will just be us, he’ll get most of what he wants. What does he want most? Swedish meatballs and of course, wings.
Over this week I will be focusing on some different sweet and spicy wing sauces. Yesterday he brought home 4 huge bulbs of garlic from a friend who sells them at one of our local farmers markets. So I started thinking and thinking….. Now I know that these palm sized monsters are going to make some great wings.
Today was mostly about shopping. Put my order in to the butcher for my meats and then went a little crazy on the groceries. I’m not quite sure yet what I will be doing but I will be testing and eating a lot of wings this week until I come up with a few great ones. Derick and Matthew couldn’t be happier. There is something amusing about a grow man who knows food is all about him. He’s too cute when he gets that excited.
I bought a bunch of herbs, fruits, preserves and other essentials and will be starting tomorrow to find the best garlicy, sweet and spicy wings around.
Stay tuned! I be posting plenty.

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